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DMG MORI Academy offers a wide variety of courses including in-depth CNC programming/operation and maintenance training. 

The classroom courses shown below are offered exclusively to DMG MORI CNC machine owners, authorized DMG MORI  distributors and employees.

Terms and Conditions:  

DMG MORI Academy reserves the right to cancel, change, or modify any class.  The registrant or contact person listed on the enrollment form will be informed of any change no later than one week in advance. 

Please confirm your class with DMG MORI  Academy before making travel plans. 


Available Classroom Courses

  • Programming and Operation Instructor Led - Mori Seiki Models

    Course Title Cost/Student Code Classes
    ESPRIT Basic Software Training $3250.00 PGO-EPB-105C View
    Machining Center G-Code Prog & Operation 3 Axis $1950.00 PGO-MC-103C View
    Mori Seiki - LPS3 Operation Training $1950.00 PGO-LPS3-103C View
    ESPRIT Advanced Software Training $1950.00 PGO-EPA-103C View
    NT Programming & Operation $3250.00 PGO-NT-105C View
    Lathe G-Code Prog & Operation (2 & 3 Axis) $1950.00 PGO-LA-103C View
    CAPS for Lathes Programming $1950.00 PGO-CL-103C View
    CAPS for Machining Center Programming $1950.00 PGO-CM-103C View

  • Programming and Operation Instructor Led - DMG Models

    Course Title Cost/Student Code Classes
    DMG-GITAL Sprint 20-5 Programming Training w FANUC $2600.00 PGO-G205-104C View
    DMG-D049-Prog with DMG Programmer 3D - Turning $3250.00 PGO-D049-105C View
    DMG F023-Prog and Operating, ShopMill - Siemens 840D $2600.00 PGO-F023-104C View
    DMG F038-Programming and Operating, iTNC Heidenhain $2600.00 PGO-F038-104C View
    DMG F050-Prog and Operation - Siemens 840D DIN-ISO $2600.00 PGO-F050-104C View
    DMG D018-Program Production/Lathes Siemens840D ISO $3250.00 PGO-D018-105C View
    DMG-D020-Set and Oper Production Lathe/Seimens840D $1950.00 PGO-D020-103C View
    DMG-Plane Transformation CYCLE19/PLANE SPATIAL $1300.00 PGO-F040-102C View
    DMG-D212 ShopTurn-Siemens/Operate $3250.00 PGO-D212-105C View
    DMG - GITAL Sprint 20-8 Prog Training w FANUC CNC $2600.00 PGO-G208-104C View
    DMG-Gital Programming and Maintenance $3250.00 PAM-GS99-105C View
    DMG-CTX Siemens Operate G-Code/Structure Program $3250.00 PGO-D241-105C View
    DMG-G100 Advance Gital Programming, Setup & Oper $1950.00 PGO-G100ADV-103C View
    DMG-F039 Measuring Probe Heidenhain iTNC 530 $1300.00 PGO-F039-102C View
    DMG-G099-DMG Gital Prog,Setup & Oper, w Fanuc CNC $3250.00 PGO-G099-105C View
    DMG-G099 Gital Programming, Setup & Operation, W $2600.00 PGO-G099-104C View
    DMG-Touch Probe SINUMERIK 840D, DIN-ISO $1300.00 PGO-F051-102C View
    DMG-Plane Transformation SINUMERIK 840D,DIN-ISO $1300.00 PGO-F052-102C View
    DMG CTX TC Siemens Operate Control $3250.00 PGO-D157-105C View

  • Machine Maintenance Instructor Led - Mori Seiki Models

    Course Title Cost/Student Code Classes
    NL, NLX Series Mechanical Maintenance $2600.00 MNT-NLX-104C View
    NTX Mechanical Maintenance $3250.00 MNT-NTX-105C View
    NHX Mechanical Maintenance $2600.00 MNT-NHX-104C View
    DuraVertical eco Mechanical Maintenance $1950.00 MNT-DVE-103C View
    Ladder Diagnostics Troubleshooting (Mitsubishi) $1300.00 MNT-LM-102C View
    NT Mechanical Maintenance $3250.00 MNT-NT-105C View
    NMV Mechanical Maintenance $2600.00 MNT-MV-104C View
    Ladder Diagnostics Troubleshooting (Fanuc) $1300.00 MNT-LF-102C View
    Mitsubishi Control Maint 730BM/750BM $800.00 MNT-CM-104C View
    NZX Mechanical Maintenance $2600.00 MNT-NZX-104C View
    NH Mechanical Maintenance $2600.00 MNT-NH-104C View

  • Machine Maintenance Instructor Led - DMG Models

    Course Title Cost/Student Code Classes
    DMG-DMU50 Siemens-Electrical $3250.00 MNT-F5027-105C View
    DMG - GITAL Sprint 20-8 Maintenance $2600.00 MNT-G208-104c View
    DMG - GITAL Sprint 20/42/MSL-Maintenance $2600.00 MNT-GS2042MSL-104C View
    DMG-Siemens 840D Powerline & Solutionline Control $2600.00 MNT-840PS-104C View
    DMG-GITAL Sprint 20-5 Maintenance Training $2600.00 MNT-G205-104C View
    MillTap 700 Mechanical Maintenance $1300.00 MNT-MTPB-102C View
    DMG-Gital Sprint 20/42/MSL $3250.00 MNT-GS2042MSL-105C View
    DMG-DMU MonoBlock Heidenhain iTNC 530 $3250.00 MNT-F8008/9-105C View
    Siemens 840D/810D Powerline & Solutionline Control $2600.00 MNT-840PS-104C View
    DMG-GMX400 Twin 42 Siemens-Mechanical $3250.00 MNT-D3041-105C View
    DMG-DMU_monoBlock HMI Operate sl Siemens-Elect $3250.00 MNT-F8011-105C View
    DMG-DMU50 Siemens-Mechanical $3250.00 MNT-F5026-105C View
    DMG-Heidenhain General Control-Electronics $2600.00 MNT-F1028-104C View
    DMG-Siemens General Control-Electronics $3250.00 MNT-F9999-105C View
    DMG-CTX Alpha, Beta, Gamma Siemens-Electrical $3250.00 MNT-D3103-105C View
    DMG-CTX Alpha, Beta, Gamma Siemens-Mechanical $3250.00 MNT-D3506-105C View
    DMG-DMU_duoBlock FD Siemens-Electrical $3250.00 MNT-F8006-105C View
    DMG-DMU_duoBlock FD Siemens-Mechanical $3250.00 MNT-F8005-105C View
    DMG-GMX400 Twin 42 Siemens-Electrical $3250.00 MNT-D3042-105C View
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